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About Steve Joseph


           teve Joseph started his martial arts training in 1974 at the age of 10 with Judo, Karate and Kung Fu.
           After one particular training session at an East London Dojo in Chingford, 1977 Steve Sensei was  attacked by local 'far     Right neo nazi skin head' gang members.   

He dissect the attack and thought that his current martial arts was of little use in a real world applications. He thought that  if he knew how to strike, throw, lock and apply other techniques he would be far more equipped to deal with the formless attack of a street scenario.

He focused his attention of gathering a multitude of techniques from various Martial Arts and fighting systems.
A syllabus was created and his method was given a name ('Sun Kune Do' chinese pronunciation which later translated later to 'ShinKenDo'  Japanese pronunciation meaning True/Real Fist Way) Modern Martial Art. 
At the age of 23 years Steve Sensei began teaching ShinKenDo as a Modern Mix Martial Art. He is credited of creating the First Mix Martial Art in 1977 London UK. 

The syllabus practical method of restraints, low leg kicks and unarmed combat gained the attention of the London Met Police where numerous officers trained at his various Dojos.
The creation of the British ShinKenDo Organisation started in 1985 with  The International ShinKenDo Organisation established shortly later with Dojos located in Europe Canada Brazil and Japan.

Sensei Steve Joseph has been involved in the martial arts for a period of 45 years with 35 years teaching experience He has taught over 15'000 students including celebrities, British and US Law Enforcement and Security personals.
Steve Joseph now resides in Japan where he furthers his study in Japanese JuJutsu and continue to teach Nihon ShinKenJuJutsu (ShinKenDo) 


Who Can Learn?

Whether you are a beginner or already studying the martial arts training is open to all.

Beginners will find explanations simple, and direct with techniques useable from the start and their strength general fitness will increase. 
ShinKenJuJutsu techniques are practical and was meant for the everyday individual.
You will not find no high kicking techniques taught that requires you to stretch tirelessly 
Techniques are based on real world application and are non sport.
There is no training in traditional weaponry . Students are taught how to use weapons of opportunity.

Whether you are a student looking to improve on your self defence repertoire or a Black Belt  there is something in ShinKenJuJutsu for everyone.
The syllabus has been divided into simple stages from beginner  to intermediate to advance. 
There are no long term contracts. Nothing is hidden.

When learning we simple ask that you keep an open mind.
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who help and those who don't.  We help with a difference.
We do it with passion.


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Become a Trainer

International ShinKenJuJutsu Instructors

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Sensei Mark Flynn 4th Dan

Sensei Mark Flynn has been in training for over 20 years. 
After 18 years of dedicated practice and teaching Mark Sensei was made Chief Instructor to the 

all Ireland Dojos of ShinKenJuJutsu.
He maintains regular practice  and teaches at the Dundalk and Cavan Dojos.

Sensei Guy Joseph 4th Dan
St.Lucia W. I.

Sensei Guy Joseph has been actively training in ShinKenDo JuJtusu for over 35 years.
He establish himself as the first ever black belt of ShinKenJuJutsu  and with an impressive tournament career at being British and European undefeated KickBoxing Champion.
Sensei Guy continues teaching in St. Lucia W.

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Sensei David O'Connell 3rd Dan Ireland
Sensei David O'Connell Started his martial arts training under Sensei Mark Flynn .
After 10 years of dedicated training Sensei David was awarded his 3rd Dan.
He teaches in Ireland under the tutelage of Sensei Mark Flynn and has produce numerous excellent students of the art.

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Sensei Paul Pannack 2nd Dan

Sensei Paul Pannack has extensive martial arts training from different backgrounds mainly Jiu Jitsu.
He started his training in ShinKenJuJutsu under Sensei Steve Joseph in Watford England UK. His passion and dedication to training is boundless.
Sensei Paul moved to Sweden where he establish his dojo. He teaches ShinkenDo JuJutsu and trains in other forms.


Sensei James
Flynn 3rd  Dan

Sensei James  Flynn has been in training for over 20 years. 
Like his brother Mark he started at the Mullagh Dojo in Co Cavan and have not stopped since.
He is a technician and dedicated practitioner.
He teaches and assist Sensei Mark at the Dundalk and Co.Cavan Dojos in Ireland. 


Sensei Nina Lund 3rd Dan

Sensei Nina Lund started her training in Kick boxing before making the full transition to ShinKenDo JuJutsu.
A dedicated practitioner with over 20 years of experience.  Sensei Nina Lund Spent many private lessons with Steve Joseph. She resides in her homeland Denmark where she continues to teach ShinKenDo JuJutsu and KickBoxing.

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Sensei Steve Bremner 3rd Dan UK
Sensei Steve Bremner has extensive martial arts training.
A true gentleman who is admired and respected by all.
Sensei Bremner started his training in ShinKenDo after gaining his black belt 1st Dan in Karate.  He trained under Sensei Steve Joseph in London England UK where he holds 3rd Dan and is Chief instructor to all UK Dojos. He can be contacted via email

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Sensei Maxim Alexander 2nd Dan Italy
Sensei Maxim has been involved in the martial arts for over 12 years.
He trained in London under Sensei Steve Joseph and moved to Italy where he was given permission to establish his dojo.
Sensei Maxim has built a promising student ratio at which members are eager to establish their own dojos promoting the art.
Sensei Maxim shows no sign of slowing down and continues to teach in his hometown in Italy.


Sensei Amanda Black 2nd Dan

Sensei Amanda has been training in ShinKenJuJusu over 10 years.
As she states "ShinKenDo JuJutsu is my life" 
She teaches with heart and soul at her dojo in Kingscourt Ireland where is is admire respected by friends sand students alike.
She is a student of Sensei Mark Flynn and has him in the utmost respect.
Sensei Amanda is a promising future Master next generation of the art.


Martha Benoir
2nd Dan 

Sensei Mathe started her training in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 
After an attack she lost confidence in her then current methods.
She sort a more scientific and traditional method to self defence and no later found a ShinKenDo JuJutsu Dojo in the South Of France. Sensei Mathe teaches in Versailles France and has plans to further more open numerous dojos.


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Sensei Brian Harte 2nd Dan Ireland
Sensei Brian Harte started his martial arts training in Karate.
After politics with the group that caused his departure he found Sensei Mark Flynn and fell in love with the practical applications of ShinKenJuJtusu.
Sensei Brian lives in Ireland Dublin and continues his dedication to practice and teaching.


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Sensei Diane Edwards 2nd Dan New Zealand
Sensei Diane started her training in Karate and holds a 2nd Dan in Shotokan.
As she expresses " I needed the knowledge of Self defence if attacked from behind or faced with a weapon and karate never provided the know how until I found ShinKenJuJutsu which is not a pure fighting system but strongly rooted in martial arts virtues" Diane teaches in her hometown Christchurch New Zealand.

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Sensei Darren Gargan1st Dan 

Sensei Darren started his martial arts training under Sensei David O'Connell. 
He is a dedicated and avid learner and teaches at his hometown in Monalty kells Ireland

He can be contacted on his website


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Sensei Paula J.Balcombe 1st Dan UK
Sensei Paula has been training in the martial arts for over 15 years and started with karate before making the transition to shinkenJuJtu under Sensei Steve Joseph. She is a dedicated passionate practitioner with training methods of 7 days per week. Sensei Paula teaches in her hometown
London Central. 
She is passionate about teaching as she is to training.
A future master of the art for the next generation.


Sensei Paulo Fernando 2nd Dan Brazil
Sensei Paulo has been trained in Krav Maga and KickBoxing. 
He joined ShinKenJuJutsu in London where he trained privately with Sensei Steve Joseph to represent the art in Brazil.
Sensei Paulo continues to teach in his hometown Petrolina Brazil