PLEASE READ. About ShinKenDo JuJutsu Online Class.
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Thank you for your enquiry into training and welcome back.
As a result of the pandemic and lockdown rules dojos have been closed for over 18  months.
For those who are new to our online classes we’ve launched a full-on Zoom schedule with two-way LIVE video class taught by Sensei Steve Joseph live from Japan.

This service was originally designed for all.  Members and non members unlike. Resulting from numerous international enquiries where online training would be difficult with beginner and senior alike in one class, 
Steve Joseph Sensei has geared training now exclusively for ShinKenDo JuJutsu students and instructors blue belts and over. 
If you wish to join a Dojo please email us at or visit the instructor page for dojos in your area.
Simply complete the application form HERE if you signing on for the first time.
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We will send you a MEETING ID and PassCode to log into ZOOM.



“How does the locks work if I do not have a partner?”
No Partner. No Problem.
There is no substitution for training with another human being. However, it doesn’t matter how good you think you are against another person, if you’ve never taken the time to remove your partner from the equation and dissect the mechanics and movements of each individual technique, you have tons of room for improvement!  At home you will be taught step by step on how to practice the technique without a partner. You will be taught to use your home furniture such as e.g. a chair for props/training aids no punch bag or elaborated apparatus is required.
The old masters from Okinawa Japan supplement their training at home, and they taught us the world is your dojo.
Now, if you have a partner, that’s totally fine, but the fact that all the classes can be completed without a partner is what makes this opportunity so unique. 
By every solo class, that you are training 80% of the work is on each technique, so that when a partner is reintroduced all that is left are the 20% adjustments

Private Zoom Classes
If  your schedule prevents you from joining our live sessions, you might consider opting for Zoom private classes instead. Private classes can be arranged for any time (please ensure you adjust your time to Japan time) and are taught by the head instructor Sensei Steve Joseph.
You can work solo, or with a partner, and Sensei instruct you through all the techniques based on the Syllabus or a self defence topic of your choice. Be it Weapons Defence, Strikes, conditioning etc. 
Let us know and we can make arrangements for you. 
Please note that private lessons fees are applicable per person.
Discount will be offered to 3 or more members training in a single private lesson class.

What You Learn Online?

A) Join Locks
Students firstly learn 2 join reversal which is a foundation technique towards a multitude of attacks. Locks re first applied to the wrist, arm, should and leg. Techniques are extremely effective, practical and non-sport. Joint reversals can be used to either restrain control an aggressor an indicating of neutralizing the situation or causing severe joint dislocation depending on the nature of the attack

B) Weapons Defence
Students learn for each level 2 knife self defence restraints utilising the same joint locks attained for that specific grade. Attacks for syllabus are systematic to familiarise the breakdown and genetics of the technique. Then knife defence drills are taught from a variety of attacks where students to instinctively defend using strikes, takedowns and restraints

C) Escapes
Escapes usually are met with a tactic or removal and ending with a restrain. Students learn to escape from hold around the throat/neck, from the side and front headlocks, hair grabs, clothing grabs and ground escapes from the top and side mount. At an advance stage students learn to apply nerve pressure point attacks.

D) Strikes
Striking techniques utilises the use of the Fist, Open plan, knife hand, elbow, Knee and kicks.
ShinKenJuJutsu is a practical martial art of self defence with kicking techniques aimed below the waist ideally to the groin, knee, outer inner thigh, calf and ankle. Students are taught to aim towards specific targets utilising the right weapon for the task.

E) Grading Syllabus
For all members of the ShinKen JuJutsu Association, here they can learn correct grading requirements for the next level belt.  Certificates are sent via post upon successfully attaining the next relevant grade.

F) Exercise, 
Each ZOOM class is 90 minutes long and includes a blend of creative calisthenics and ShinKen JuJutsu movements, but with everything geared towards optimizing muscular endurance flexibility and mobility. Every exercise can be modified to suit your fitness level and since you’re at home, you can take it at your own pace

G) Chokes.
Two choking techniques are taught at each level, each choking technique are a progression from the ones in the previous level. Chokes taught are utilising with the arm, hand, legs, and clothing.

H) Pins
Pins are the ability to immobilize an aggressor/attacker normally/usually on the floor. Pins are considered passive techniques in that they cause no harm to the assailant but simply refraining him to cause no more harm.

I) Grappling
On the floor and grappling defence is the alternative to try and gain the upper hand. Students learn how to apply their syllabus training of escapes, restraints and chokes when they are off their feet.

J) Additional Self Defence
Additional restraining components delves into the further exploration of arm and wrist locks and general self defence training. Students learn alternate methods on restraints already learned increasing their arsenal on immobilization techniques. These techniques are applied to holds strikes and grappling.

                      Rules and Guidelines for Online Training
We wish your martial arts training to be as smooth and comfortable with us. Please read the following rules on Safety Regulations.

1- Adequate Room Spacing. Please ensure the room has sufficient spacing allowing free movement for you and your training   
    partner. We recommend a minimum distance of 5 ft. radius.

2- Be Mindful of ObjectPlease remove any household-surrounding object that may cause injury and or accidents.
3- VentilationHave good air circulation.  Open a window or turning the air conditioner on
4- LightingPlease ensure the room has sufficient lighting so the instructor can clearly see your movements
5- MicrophonePlease turn off your microphone whiles training is underway. If students have a question please raise your
     hand. You will be asked to turn on your microphone.

6- Food ConsumptionDo not eat a heavy meal 60 minutes prior to training. Have bottled water readily available
7- UniformWe prefer students wore a martial art all white Dogi (uniform). However loose clothing tracksuit etc. would be

8- Training PartnerWhile training can be perform solo, we strongly recommend having a training partner for the exchange of
     attack and defensive techniques. (There is no charge for the training partner acting as an assistant)

9-Warm UpAlthough there will be a basic warm up routine we advice students to warm up 10 min prior to the lesson.
10- Break. If students wish to take a bathroom break or leave momentarily please indicate your temporarily absence by raising
    one hand and pointing the other hand  left or right.
    We kindly ask that you show respect and not dismiss yourself without returning.

We ask all students to consider how much time you can invest in training. Training in the martial arts is an act of dedication regardless of the art you choose. You will only see proficiency with regular training.
Please try to attend all online class lessons and we promise you results.