About Jiu Jitsu

             iu-Jitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that  uses various                   techniques to defend against a  wide variety of attacks. 
             In ancient Japan, it was developed as techniques used in combination with weapons, and was an indispensable element for samurai training.

When the Edo period brought lasting peace to Japan, Jiu-Jitsu evolved into demilitarised combat, which could help the lives of civilians.

The written history of Jujutsu first began during the Nara period (c. 710 – c. 794) combining early forms of Sumo and various Japanese martial arts which were used on the battlefield for close combat.  

Many jujutsu forms also extensively taught parrying and counterattacking long weapons such as swords or spears via a dagger or other small weapons. In contrast to the neighbouring nations of China and Okinawa  whose martial arts with a few exceptions were centred on striking techniques, Japanese hand-to-hand combat forms focused heavily upon throwing (including joint-locking throws), immobilising, joint lockschokingstrangulation, and to lesser extent ground fighting.


What is ShinKenJuJutsu?
ShinKenJuJutsu (ShinKenDo) is considered the latest defence martial arts system designed for use against street attacks and assaults.
The system focuses on personal safety issues when defending against both armed and unarmed attackers.

With regular practice, ShinKenJuJutsu helps practitioners in all areas. It improves self-discipline, self-confidence, helps intensive mental performance and health, and provides a total fitness program.
Training gives the student an advantage over stronger adversaries with its practical means of self defence.

The ShinKenJuJutsu technical syllabus involves a wide variety of strikes, blocks, restraints, joint reversals, releases, takedowns and throws .

Whilst most martial disciplines are predominantly characterised by a particular approach, ShinKenJuJutsu is based on the assumption that a wider knowledge will be the most appropriate response in any given situation and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles is the only appropriate preparation for a physical encounter.


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