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  • 7th AUGUST (Sun)

    18:00pm Japan Time
    • Strikes
    • Restraints
    • Knife Defence
    • Chokes
    • Grapping
    • Stretching & Conditioning
  • Private Lessons

    Suitable For All
    • Restrains,Arrest,Immobilisation
    • Chokes of all kinds
    • Strikes ,Practical kick & Hand Strike
    • Knife defence, Deal with any knife attack
    • Fitness, Gain flexibility and strength
  • Int. Student Cert.

    Hard Copy
    • Printed on Japanese Paper
    • Japanese Sealed Stamp
    • QR Code
  • Japanese Certificate

    Hard Copy
    • Japanese A4 Paper
    • Japanese Seal Stamp
    • QR Code
  • Black Belt Certs.

    International Black Belt Dan Certification
    • Japanese Stamp Authenticity
    • Bar Code Grade Recognition
    • Japanese Rice Paper
    • A3 Sizing

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  • Exchange rates vary depending on your currency.
  • Classes Held Every Sunday (New Saturday Class)
  • 7pm Japan time Start.  Please check the Japan time difference in your country.
  • Class Duration 1 hour 30 min  
  • Private Lessons Available on request
  • After confirming payment, we will send a message "ZOOM meeting ID" and "Passcode"

For certification please complete
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  • Exchange rates vary depending on your currency.
  • After receiving the application form and payment, we will send a
    message confirming order
  • Please allow 10 working days for delivery.