Practical Self Defence Videos

White to Orange Belt ¥3000

White to Yellow / Orange Belt

Lead Hand Strikes.

Front Fist Jab Punch

Side Fist Jab Punch

Round Hook Fist Punch

Uppercut fist Punch

Front Jab Palm

Hook Palm

Front Elbow


Rear Hand Strikes

Front Cross Punch

Side Fist Cross Punch

Hook Fist Cross Punch

Uppercut Fist Punch

Front Cross Palm

Rear Hook Palm

Rear Front Elbow

Kick Techniques

Front Groin Knee

Front Groin Kick

Front Stomp Kick

Front Push Kick

Round Shin Kick

Side Kick

Outside Crescent Kick

Basic Blocks

Wrist locks 1 and 2                

Knife Defence 1 and 2          

Baton Defence 1 and 2         

Escape 1 and 2                       

Throw 1 and 2                        

Choke 1 and 2                        

Leg Locks 1 and 2

Hold Down x 2 (Non Grade Requirement)